The witness of patience

Patience is in short supply today. It can be very hard to find, perhaps especially in the workplace. And yet when we encounter genuine patience it is profoundly counter-cultural. It’s distinct. It’s different. It's attractive. So what empowers patience, and what might it look like in the workplace?

Top 5 articles of 2018

What were our most read articles this past year? From dealing with identity and workplace weakness, through to practical tips on how to resign in a God-honouring way, here are our top 5 articles of 2018!

What's your "thing" in the workplace?

There’s the “toy guy” from HR who keeps toys in his office, the “YouTube guy” who shares the internet memes. And, of course, “food guy” who always brings the best food. Long after they’ve moved on, your colleagues may have forgotten your job title, but they’ll remember your “thing in the workplace.” What's yours?