"We are story animals. Stories can change us" - Yann Martel, author Life of Pi


Eat. Commute. Work. Commute. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.
Life often feels pretty repetitive and mundane, each day not too different from the rest. But what if the repetitive and mundane was part of something bigger? A bigger story that literally changes everything…including our work.
Join us as we discover the difference God's story from Genesis to Revelation makes to every aspect of your daily labour. And uncover the impact this can have on your colleagues as they see how your work fits into God’s life-changing story.




February 28th OR March 1st 2018
The purpose of our work (CREATION)

Speaker: Robert Martin (Host, Bigger Questions & Melbourne City Bible Forum director)

Featuring interview with David Knox, Senior partner at Mercer

This breakfast is being run in partnership with Christians in Super 


May 2nd OR 3rd 2018
The problem with our work (THE FALL)

July 25th OR 26th 2018
The beauty in our work (REDEMPTION)

September 19th OR 20th 2018
The value of our work (NEW CREATION)


$20 (includes hot breakfast & coffee)
OR $60 season pass (4 breakfasts for the price of 3)

Slate Restaurant Bar
9 Goldsbrough Lane, Melbourne





Leadership: In the way of harm
Andrew Laird (Director Life @ Work) & Allan Bulman (Takeovers Panel director)

Leadership: One worth following
Andrew Laird (Director Life @ Work) & Graham Hooper (Author, former senior executive)

Leadership: Mean what you say
Andrew Laird (Director Life @ Work) & Jenny George (CEO, Converge International)

Leadership: Service or Self-Interest
Andrew Laird (Director Life @ Work) & Jennie Pakula (Manager, Assessment & Resolutions at VLSBC)



How to handle the pressure to have it all (August)
Andrew Laird, Director, Life @ Work

How to handle pressure and get a better night's sleep (June)
Andrew Laird, Director, Life @ Work

How to handle the pressure of toxic office relationships (April)
Andrew Laird, Director, Life @ Work

How to handle the pressure to conform (February)
Andrew Laird, Director, Life @ Work



Balancing work (August)
Speaker: Andrew Laird, Life @ Work director

Balancing work and...hobbies, exercise & study (June)
Speaker: Andrew Laird, Life @ Work director

Balancing work (April)
Speaker: Kara Martin, Associate Dean, Ridley Marketplace Institute

Balancing work (February)
Speaker: Graham Hooper, senior executive.



Frustration @ Work (August)
Speaker: Andrew Laird, Director, Life @ Work

Mission @ Work (June)
Speaker : Wei-Han Kuan, CMS State Director, Victoria

Temptation @ Work (April)
Speaker: Peter Hastie, Principal, Presbyterian Theological College, Melbourne

Prayer @ Work (February)
Speaker: Robert Martin, Director, City Bible Forum, Melbourne



Western Materialism - Why are we so greedy and what can we do about it (August)
Speaker: Brian Rosner, Principal, Ridley Melbourne

Be Courageous, Be Strong - Can this really me me in my workplace? (June)
Speaker: Tim Meyers, Principal, Melbourne School of Theology

Sanctified but not sanctimonious (April)
Speaker: Matthew Williams, Vicar, St James Old Cathedral

Seize the day (February)
Speaker: Helen Bell, AFES Staff worker, La Trobe University