"Are you too Christian for non-Christians?"

How many genuine friendships and relationships do you have with people who don't know Jesus? Ten perhaps? Maybe five? Or maybe even fewer...

For many followers of Jesus it's easy to spend time with other Christians. It feels safe, we know that they won't challenge us on life-style choices we've made because of our faith, and we agree on the big things in life. The phrase "Be in the world, but not of the world" sounds good in principle, but in practice it's much easier to just withdraw from it.

However it is that world which Jesus has sent us into, to love and to serve and to witness to the good news of the Gospel. But I hear your response - "I just don't have time!". On top of work responsibilities, family responsibilities and church responsibilities it is easy to feel like we don't have the time to establish those good friendships and relationships with people who don't know Jesus. And that's why I like this article from Desiring God so much. "Are you too Christian for non-Christians?" suggests seven simple ways of developing relationships with non-Christians that don't make life any busier, but just more purposeful in the area of evangelism. My particular favourite is suggestion number five which I've copied below:

Appreciate your workplace as the best place.

For most Christians, the workplace is the place where we will spend the most time with unbelieving people. Work requires us to collaborate with others to see it to completion. Relationships in the workplace are sometimes even easier to develop than with family members. You share more time and, in time, more in common. Don’t allow your Christianity to be a wedge that separates you from co-workers. You needn’t compromise your values, nor engage in any unbiblical activities to secure a co-worker’s esteem or affection, but you do need to take an active interest in your coworkers as fellow human beings, not just the other spokes in a wheel you happen to share. Appreciate that people in the workplace are not the means of getting your work done, they are the objects of your work as an ambassador for Christ

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Image source: www.desiringgod.org/blog/posts/are-you-too-christian-for-non-christians