The changing face of work: Opportunities and challenges for Australian Christians in the next decade

Kara Martin is the author of a brand new book about Christian faith and work, “Workship: How to use your working to worship God”. To coincide with the launch, we asked Kara for her thoughts on how the Australian workplace is changing, and what opportunities and challenges that might present for Christians in the workplace. Here are her reflections:

“I think we’ve got a growing opportunity as our workforce globalises and becomes more diverse. We’re actually seeing in the UK and America a growing appreciation of religious diversity in the workplace. As workplaces come to terms, especially with Muslims and their religious needs, it’s opening up opportunities for Christians to be more open about their faith. I don’t think this has happened yet but is coming.

I also think that there are some really pressing problems that Christians need to have a voice in. For example, the growing disparity between those who work too hard, and those who don’t have enough work. There is a growing gulf between those two groups. I think this is a really big challenge for Christian businesses and leaders to think about.

I think also that there are opportunities in the areas of Christian concepts such flourishing, well-being, servant leadership, and work and rest where Christians have something really significant to say to the working world. The idea of purpose and meaning is another big one – people increasingly want ways to think about that which maybe the Christian narrative can help with.

But I think that the most important thing in facing all these challenges, and making good use of those opportunities, is that workplace Christians need to be much better equipped to go into that mission field…and that’s going to be the topic of Workship volume two!”