Four habits for work in 2016

Stop smoking. Exercise more regularly. Learn a new skill. It’s that time of year when many of us resolve to do something different in the year ahead. Some might say they’re a waste of time, but personally I quite like New Year’s Resolutions. I appreciate the annual opportunity to stop and resolve afresh to live in a certain way…presuming it’s a good way to be living!

But what about when it comes to our work? As you think about the year ahead, why not consider making these four resolutions when it comes to work habits that you develop in 2016.

1.     Commit to praying about your work

How often do you pray about your work? The tasks that you undertake each day, the issues concerning your office, the people that you work with. In 2016 resolve to pray more regularly about your work. Perhaps plan to make it the first thing that you do each morning on your commute to work. Or plan a 5 minute walk around the block each lunchtime to pray. Or perhaps one of the easiest ways to make it happen is by meeting regularly with others. In 2016 why not join one of the many City Bible Forum prayer teams which operate right around the country? You can find out more here.

2.     Resolve to spend more time with colleagues

How well do you know your colleagues? The things that interest them, the story of their family life, the views they hold about certain social and political issues. In 2016 resolve to spend more time getting to know your colleagues better, developing deeper relationships with them which extend beyond the workplace. It could be as simple as setting aside one lunch a fortnight to take a colleague out for a meal. Or you could join the same weekly before or after work exercise program. Perhaps plan a weekend activity together. One way or the other, resolve to really get to know your colleagues in 2016.

3.     Choose wisely what to do…and not do

Ever feel overwhelmed by all the possible tasks that you could undertake each day? In the book of Proverbs the wise person is not just the one who works hard, but the one who chooses carefully what they will and won’t try to do. In 2016 resolve to choose wisely about what tasks you’ll undertake, and those you’ll leave. Perhaps a helpful guide for making choices is found in Matt Perman’s productivity book What’s Best Next. Writing from a Christian perspective Matt suggests asking these two questions of all our daily tasks: “Do these do good to others or are they only self-serving? Do these seek to right injustices and help the vulnerable?” Asking those questions will quickly eliminate some jobs from your “To do” list.

4.     Resist busyness

Did you finish 2015 hoping that this year would be less busy, but your diary is already starting to fill up? Don’t worry, it’s not to late to establish some good habits for the year ahead. In 2016 resolve to resist the busyness of the culture around us. We addressed this topic at one of our most popular Life@Work breakfasts in 2015. There we considered five different ways to resist busyness, including taking a technology Sabbath and learning to say no. See the full list here and resolve to make changes in 2016.

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