"Muddling along" - Reflections on being a Christian leading the ABC

Earlier this month former ABC Managing Director Mark Scott was awarded the annual Ridley Marketplace Institute & Ethos "Faith & Work Award". In his acceptance speech Mr. Scott spoke of how his Christian faith shaped his work. This article was first published on the Ridley website.

In reflecting on his ten years leading the national broadcaster, Mr. Scott described his attempts to integrate his Christian faith with his work as, at times, a case of “muddling along”. Yet, in spite of his humility, he shared very helpful and practical insights on how he sought to live as a Christian in the workplace, insights which are relevant regardless of what role we might have.

In particular he talked about the importance of making people the most important part of our daily work, treating staff and colleagues with love, compassion, generosity, comfort and support. Quoting Philo of Alexandria, Mr. Scott reminded the audience, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”.

He also spoke of the power of the lived witness of believers in the workplace. While we nevertheless endeavour to proclaim Jesus with our lips, our lives are a powerful witness also. “Any claims that I would make about being a follower of Christ in the office”, Mr. Scott said, “would pale in terms of credibility compared to the testimony of those who watched, who listened, and who know what I’m really like in the workplace”.

Watch Mr. Scott’s speech in full, including an interview with Marketplace Institute Dean Andrew Laird at the conclusion.