Top 5 articles for 2017

It’s that time of year when we reflect on the year that has been, and we want to start with a big thank you. We saw a large jump in visitor numbers to this site this year (a 23% increase on 2016). So thanks for reading, and we promise more great, new content to help you in your life at work in 2018, as we continue to seek to be a one-stop-shop for all things faith and work in Australia.

But before we get to the new year, what were the most read articles for 2017? Here are your top 5:

1.     You’re a bigot: How to respond when asked about gay marriage

Originally published in 2016 (and our most read article last year also) this article continued to prove very popular in 2017, particular during the postal survey on same-sex marriage. With 5 practical suggestions for how you might talk about this issue in the office, this article continues to be our most read of not just 2017, but all time.

2.     I am what I do?

We were pleasantly surprised to see this article rank so highly in our list for 2017 because it addresses an issue which we consider to be the most important when it comes to faith and work. Work is one of the key means by which many of us define ourselves (and find our value and worth). In this article we explore the problems with this, and how the Gospel provides a way forward.

3.     Is God anti-gay? Talking about Jesus with work colleagues

Continuing the theme of same-sex marriage, this article featured a presentation from Sam Alberry, a Christian pastor who is gay. The presentation was given in Adelaide earlier this year, and in it Alberry shared what he has learnt about how to talk with others about marriage and sexuality.

4.     #PrayforMelbourne: Four suggestions

2017 began with an “act of evil” in Melbourne, a “city tragedy” witnessed by many workers on their lunch break when several people were killed by a car driven through Bourke Street mall. In this piece, published less than 24 hours after the incident, we shared four suggestions for how we might pray in response.

5.     Three reasons I hate being in the office at Easter…and how to fix that

Sneaking into our top five was an article written by one Melbourne worker about why he finds it difficult to be a Christian in the office at Easter. The reason might not be what you expect!