WATCH: The Future of Work (Humanising Work)

"You can't just stop technological progress. Even if one country stops researching artificial intelligence, some other countries will continue to do it. The real question is what you do with the technology" (Yuval Noah Harari, author Sapiens)

The working world continues to change.  Many jobs of today didn't exist ten years ago, and may not exist in ten years. New technologies keep emerging - some will disrupt, others will disappear. The future of work is exciting and terrifying.

How does the Christian faith help us respond to these changes? How does it help us avoid the pitfalls of technological progress, and embrace the possibilities for good? 

In this, the third in the series The Future of Work we explore humanising work. Featuring Andrew Laird (Life @ Work director) and Dr Lindsay McMillan (Reventure managing director)