Why Kate Bracks at a workplace conference about witness?

Imagine having everything you do at work constantly scrutinised. Not just by an overbearing boss, or a nosy colleague. But imagine that everything you did at work was constantly being scrutinised by the entire nation. For Masterchef winner Kate Bracks this is exactly what her work was like for the three months that she was on the program.

In less than three weeks Kate will be joining us at our third annual Life@Work conferenceWitness: Word & Deed. We’re going to be spending two nights considering a realistic, holistic, and exciting approach to our workplace witness. But why Kate Bracks? What has she got to offer on this topic? A whole lot in fact…

At our conference we will be considering the powerful witness that we can have in the workplace not just with our words but also with our deeds. How we live can, and does, either detract from the Gospel message, or attract people to it. And Kate is a wonderful example of this. Under the lights, in front of the camera, and before a national audience of thousands she displayed grace under pressure. But more than simply a living witness, when the opportunity came she spoke and commended the Gospel with her words.

Don’t miss this chance to hear from Kate. She won’t be cooking; it will be something more inspiring – the testimony of one who has sought to witness to others with both her words and her deeds.