Ever feel like you're the only Christian in your workplace?

You're not alone. There's a network you can connect with - wherever you're based, all across Melbourne. Join other Christians meeting before work or over lunch to pray for your workplace and your colleagues, and be encouraged! You are part of something bigger.


“Apart from prayer, all our scurrying about, all our talking, all our study amounts to nothing. For most of us the voice of self-reliance is ten times louder than the bell that tolls for the hours of prayer. The voice cries out: ‘You must open the mail, you must make that call, you must prepare for the board meeting…’. But the bell tolls softly: ‘Without Me you can do nothing’” - John Piper


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Help For New Groups

So you've found other Christian workers who are keen to meet to pray? That's great! Now, what next?

We're passionate about serving prayer teams like yours. Hopefully we can help you get started...or even help keep you going.

1. Bible Shots

Bible Shots are short 10-minute studies where we let the Bible focus our thinking and discussion on how faith intersects with our work and workplace witness. 

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A series of 5 studies designed to help you share your faith with friends at work.
A series of 10 studies tackling the questions "what is prayer?" (studies #1-4), "why we should pray?" (studies #5-6) and "how might we particular pray for our workplace?" (studies #7-10).
Two studies from our Life@Work Conference: Love Thy Neighbour. Reflect on how to genuinely display love in your relationships at work and how work itself can be an act of love.

Want more? Check out the full resource library.


2. Running a prayer group

We have a staff team here in Melbourne that would love to help get you going. We're happy to pop into your group, or even help in the training and equipping or your prayer leaders. Nothing is too big or small - just reach out.

Every group is different, but we've found the following to be a sustainable model to ensure the group stays focused, encouraged and excited!

Assuming a 1 hour lunch break (including travel time):

10min Gather and catchup Allows time for travel, food/coffee ordering, introduction of the new members and the like.
15min Bible Shot and discussion Let the bible focus our conversation on how faithful life at work really looks in practice. The workplace focus starts differentiating the group from a local church small group.
15min Prayer Again, focusing on Christian living at work and workplace witness. Are there particular colleagues that need prayer? Are there particular work opportunities or challenges?


3. Staying connected

Beyond prayer groups, City Bible Forum also offers other resources and events to help support your prayer team to live out their faith in the workplace. The best way to keep a finger on the pulse is to subscribe to our weekly newsletter. We will keep you posted about the latest events (e.g. Life @ Work training events, Bigger Questions recordings) and provide helpful articles targeted to Christians in the workplace.