How to navigate workplace frustration

It hardly needs to be said, but work is often frustrating. There’s the frustration of interruptions from colleagues; “If only I could get a couple of hours free from distractions I could really get something useful done”. There’s the frustration of feeling like your talents aren’t being put to good use; an opportunity or responsibility you would love is given to a work mate instead.

Your life, a "silent sermon"

When it comes to workplace evangelism, very often we rightly consider the words that we hope to speak to our colleagues about the Christian faith. Words are essential for rebirth (1 Peter 1:23) and faith (Romans 10:17). However the Bible has much to say about the importance of those words being accompanied by a distinct life. How you live matters, how you work matters, in either attracting or detracting from the Christian message (Matthew 5:13-16).

LISTEN: Work & Rest - The secret to finding true rest

"It's possible to work hard and rest well and still be tired". Sound familiar? In this talk Melbourne pastor Shane Rogerson considers the tiredness we so often feel, "a weariness that goes deep into your soul". How do we treat this tiredness? Listen to discover the secret to true rest.

Oops...three simple ways to handle workplace mistakes

You know the feeling – making a mistake at work and feeling awful about it. You spend the trip home from work and your evening feeling discouraged by what you did (or should have done). How should we handle it when we make mistakes in the workplace? Here are three simple things we can do next time it happens:

LISTEN: Workplace Wisdom - Wheat & Weeds

How do we choose good work? Should I be in the business of developing high speed internet, knowing that the internet can be used for great good...but also for great harm. Should I be in the business of engineering motorways, knowing that motorways can be of great benefit to many people...but also cause untold damage to the environment. How do we choose good work?

8 ways to easily be missional in the workplace

“Mission is not an event we tack onto our already busy lives. It is our life”. So writes Jonathan Dodson in a wonderfully helpful little article 8 ways to easily be missional. Dodson’s point I couldn’t agree with more – mission and evangelism are not extra activities that we try and find time in our day or week to do. Rather the Christian is always on mission; how we live and speak and act in every moment witnesses to the transforming power of the Gospel.