Gentleness on the job

“Requirement for the job: must be a person characterised by gentleness”. Chances are that’s a job description that you’ve never encountered before. And yet gentleness is to be a defining characteristic of the Christian person


The changing face of work: Opportunities and challenges for Australian Christians in the next decade

"I think that there are some really pressing problems that Christians need to have a voice in. For example, the growing disparity between those who work too hard, and those who don’t have enough work. There is a growing gulf between those two groups. I think this is a really big challenge for Christian businesses and leaders to think about".

Three reasons I hate being in the office at Easter... and how to fix that

"If your workplace is anything like mine Easter is that time of the year when your colleagues bring their religious baggage out of storage". Why it can be hard being a Christian in the workplace at Easter...and a way forward.