My Life@Work

"It’s not difficult to get carried away in this type of job–the hubris can build with a few wins in court.  When my head expands, Jesus says to me the first will be last, that greatness is found in service of others, and that I should go wash some feet". How Christian faith shapes one barrister's work.

The listening leader

The working world is recognising the importance of listening, especially when it comes to leadership. But listening is more important than just being good for business. Proverbs says that listening is a hallmark of the wise person.


BOOK REVIEW: A better way to live

"Hooper writes from the conviction that even the most seemingly happy and content people don't have it all if they don't have God. That knowing Him means knowing not just another good way to live, but a better way. Indeed, the best way. He writes to remind those people who do know God of this; don't forget His way really is a better way."

WATCH: How to hang out with your mates

In his book The Four Loves, C.S. Lewis made the case that friendship may just be the most significant of all human loves. So how do I develop close friendships, especially with my work colleagues who don't follow Jesus? A practical and personal reflection on "how to hang out with your mates".