Why Kate Bracks at a workplace conference about witness?

In less than three weeks Kate Bracks will be joining us at our third annual Life@Work conference – Witness: Word & Deed. We’re going to be spending two nights considering a realistic, holistic, and exciting approach to our workplace witness. But why Kate? What has she got to offer on this topic? A whole lot in fact…

The Big Juggle – Balancing work and rest

How do you normally answer the question, "How are you going"? If the answer is "busy", discover afresh what it means to live in light of Jesus' invitation "Come to me...and I will give you rest". Video and a review of our recent breakfast, The Big Juggle - How to balance work and rest

Handling the fruit of work (Part 4) - An attitude of gratitude

"For all of us there are times when it is still hard to be generous. We know we should, but it doesn’t come naturally. This is where we need to hear the good news of the Gospel afresh. Because it is the Gospel which ultimately changes our heart to be more generous. It is the Gospel that awakens an attitude of gratitude".