"What do I want to be when I grow up?" Finding your true calling

It’s a question we ask ourselves from the earliest grades of primary school. "What do I want to be when I grow up?" Later in life this question seems to take on a more existential edge, as we hope to find purpose and fulfilment in the right type of work. So how do we find our true calling?

I am what I do? (Part 2)

"If you are in Christ, your worth and value does not come from your work. Your worth and value does not come from what you achieve or accomplish. If you are in Christ then you are being remade in the glorious image of God, a God who loved you to the point of death on a bloody Roman cross. That’s what makes you valuable". How the Gospel brings hope to a person immersed in a culture of “I am what I do”?


I am what I do? (Part 1)

"If work is the chief means by which we achieve our value and worth, it becomes everything. And that is a crushing burden to place yourself under, a burden which tragically crushes many people today". How the Gospel provides hope to those trapped in finding their value and worth in their work.


LISTEN: "Work and Identity"

What is the most pressing issue facing Christians in the workplace today? In this sermon Life@Work's Andrew Laird suggests what he thinks it is - the warped and disordered view in our culture between who I am and what I do. 

Find out why "I am what I do" is a miserable and deadly philosophy to live by...unless it has been transformed by the Gospel.