loving others through work

My Life@Work

"It’s not difficult to get carried away in this type of job–the hubris can build with a few wins in court.  When my head expands, Jesus says to me the first will be last, that greatness is found in service of others, and that I should go wash some feet". How Christian faith shapes one barrister's work.

My Life@Work: Georgina Barratt-See

"Education changes lives. It doesn’t change our eternal destination, but I believe it’s a powerful social force for good that God has given us. My program helps many students each semester stay at university, and I hope that this translates to productive, useful lifelong service of others".

Job, Career or Calling – What is it that you do?

What is it that you spend your waking hours doing? How do you normally describe your daily labour? Do you call it a job? Perhaps it’s a career. Or maybe even a calling. How you answer that question has a profound impact upon how you view both yourself and your work.

Four habits for work in 2016

Stop smoking. Exercise more regularly. Learn a new skill. It’s that time of year when many of us resolve to do something different in the year ahead. But what about when it comes to our work? As you think about the year ahead, why not consider making these four resolutions when it comes to work habits that you develop in 2016.

BOOK REVIEW: The Gospel at Work

“When you work for Jesus, the allure of making your job the object of your worship fades…Not only that, but you also realise it just won’t do simply to slog through your workday…being blind to God’s purposes and thus not caring about your job”. How to avoid the extremes of idolatry and idleness in your work.