WATCH: Money Matters

Do you remember your first day of work? The stress, the excitement, the pay cheque and figuring out what to do with it all. In this short video, a chartered accountant and a financial planner discuss all things money, especially for those just starting out in the workplace.

Handling the fruit of work (Part 4) - An attitude of gratitude

"For all of us there are times when it is still hard to be generous. We know we should, but it doesn’t come naturally. This is where we need to hear the good news of the Gospel afresh. Because it is the Gospel which ultimately changes our heart to be more generous. It is the Gospel that awakens an attitude of gratitude".


Handling the fruit of work (Part 1) – Good gifts entrusted to me

"The starting point for understanding a Christian approach to money, which is good news, is recognising that we are stewards rather than possessors. That nothing is really “mine”...This truth is wonderfully freeing, lifting the burden of ownership off of us. And it paves the way for us to handle the fruit of our work in a truly liberating way".