LISTEN: "Why is my evangelism at work so lame?"

One of the reasons why it can often be so hard to talk about Jesus with our work colleagues is that conversations in the office rarely move beyond the latest iPhone or what we watched on TV the night before. That’s why we need to create a space, like lunch together, to talk more deeply.

Ambition harnessed for Christ - Life@Work conference review

Is ambition a dirty word? Is it inherently ungodly and selfish? Or is it appropriate in the life of a Christian? Is there a way to be ambitious that honours Christ? These were the sorts of questions we considered at our second annual Life @ Work conference.

Overlooking the Yarra in Melbourne, we gathered over two nights to hear from four speakers, unpacking the issues surrounding ambition. And what we discovered is that ambition on its own is morally neutral. The key question is, how are we harnessing it?