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How to be a public Christian in an Israel Folau world

“You’re a Christian. What do you think about Israel Folau?” How should we respond when we're asked questions like these in the workplace? How might we be public Christians in an Israel Folau world? Here are four things to keep in mind as we navigate questions like these.

Three reasons I hate being in the office at Easter... and how to fix that

"If your workplace is anything like mine Easter is that time of the year when your colleagues bring their religious baggage out of storage". Why it can be hard being a Christian in the workplace at Easter...and a way forward.

"You're a bigot": How to respond when asked about gay marriage

Australia is gearing up to follow the lead of other countries and have a plebiscite on same-sex marriage. How should Christians who hold to marriage being between a man and a woman respond when the conversation comes up with our colleagues, family and friends? Here are five simple suggestions.

Six tips to declare and display Easter to your colleagues

How might the true meaning of Easter shape the way that we live and speak in the workplace at this time of the year? How might we both declare with our lips and display with our lives to our colleagues what Easter is really all about? Here are six suggestions.