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WATCH: How to handle the pressure of toxic office relationships

The bullying colleague. The demanding boss. The infuriating client. Is there any hope for toxic relationships at work? Life @ Work director Andrew Laird considers perhaps Jesus' most radical teaching - love your enemies - and the implications of this for our workplaces.

WATCH: How to handle the pressure to conform

How do I handle job requests that challenge my ethics as a Christian? Is some compromise necessary? Or do I always say no? Andrew Laird considers these questions in light of Romans 12:1-2 and the instruction for Christians to be people who "do not conform to the pattern of this world". 

Six tips to declare and display Easter to your colleagues

How might the true meaning of Easter shape the way that we live and speak in the workplace at this time of the year? How might we both declare with our lips and display with our lives to our colleagues what Easter is really all about? Here are six suggestions.