‘Why do I feel so stressed about work?’ ‘Is life always going to feel this overwhelming and busy?’ ‘How can my faith help me cope with the demands of my workplace?’ If you’ve asked these kinds of questions before, you’re not alone. When it comes to our daily work, most of us are feeling the squeeze. We’re Under Pressure.
In this short, immensely practical book, Andrew Laird considers the top five pressures we face at work and shows us how the gospel can help us handle them.
From addressing our hearts to changing our daily work habits, Andrew provides hope for the working Christian who feels under pressure. 
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'The modern workplace is full of pressure. There are deadlines to meet, difficult clients and colleagues to contend with and new technologies to master. Andrew Laird has written a thoughtful and practical guide for Christians who seek to honour God in their workplaces. He describes situations most workers will instantly recognise and offers helpful ways to change our heart attitudes and habits of mind to better manage our lives at work’. 
Professor Ian Harper, Senior Advisor to Deloitte Access Economics, board member of the Reserve Bank of Australia.